Welcome to Georgia

Georgia has more to offer than any country of its size in the world, so what it is like to visit?

It is a land of contrasts at the crossroads of East and West. For thousands of years traders and adventurers have visited via the historic Silk Road, today their legacy remains in the culture, sounds and monuments, including many UNESCO heritage sites.

From the architecture of Tbilisi Old Town to the vine-yards of Kakheti; from the ancient stone towers of Svaneti to the beaches and nightlife of Batumi, there is something inspiring and exciting for everyone.

Ski the Caucasus mountains, Europe’s highest mountain range, in the morning and relax at the Black Sea coast in the afternoon. Sample the delicious Georgian cuisine and wine at a traditional supra (or feast) one day, detox in our natural saunas and spas the next.

Georgia has a unique, welcoming culture which explains its world-famous hospitality. With its own alphabet and language, and many world-famous artists, Georgia will surprise and delight you at every turn.

Whatever it is you want from a holiday, come to Georgia: for the best moments of your life…



Georgia is a country of an ancient and original culture. Her culture developed over the country’s long history, providing her with a unique national culture and a strong literary tradition based on the Georgian language and the alphabet. This gave a strong sense of national identity, which helped preserve the Georgian identity, despite repeated periods of foreign occupation.


Georgian art, beginning with the IV-V century until the turn of XVIII-XIX centuries took a long and difficult path of development that interdependently linked to the development of the Georgian people and the Georgian statehood. Georgia’s medieval culture was greatly influenced by Orthodox Christianity and the Georgian Orthodox and Apostolic Church.



Georgian music – Georgia’s polyphonic music tradition is world – renowned and calls upon an enchanting combination of ancient and modern harmonies. In 1977, the spacecraft “Voyager” took the traditional Georgian song “Chakrulo” into space as a vivid example of the world’s cultural heritage. In 2001 UNESCO acknowledged this music as a “masterpiece of the world’s intangible cultur al heritage” and its unique, slightly dissonant style has not changed for centuries. The Great historian Strabo recorded and multi-voiced chants of Georgian riding into battle as early as the 1stcentury BC.

“Rustavi” ensemble

Georgian Dance – Georgians belong to the number of those ancient peoples who, despite the most severe historical cataclysms, not only created an original culture, but also carried it for centuries and preserved its vitality. Georgian dance is the best representative of the Georgian spirit. It unites love, courage, and respect for women, toughness, competition, skill, beauty, and colorfulness into one amazing performance.Georgian folk dance performs Georgian soul and history, gathering from each part of Georgia. These breathtaking and absolutely awesome dances represent a live history book expressing centuries of Georgian art, culture and tradition.





Athough it is a small country, Georgia is famous for its stunning natural beauty. The climate is diverse: from the Mediterranean to the subtropical and
natural landscapes, both on the coast, and in the mountains, deserts and vineyards, forests and glaciers.

Georgia’s biodiversity is immense: subtropical marshes, semi deserts, lofty alpine meadows and mighty snow – covered peaks can all be found within a hundred kilometers of each other. There are more than 40 protected areas. So much of Georgia is still untouched and unspoiled. That’s why it attracts the tourists from all over the world.

It is worth mentioning that Europe’s highest settlement – Ushguli village in the Svaneti region, at 2 300 meters is the highest settlement in Europe.
Tourism in Georgia is an important component of the economy of Georgia. International tourism is a rapidly growing industry.

People coming to spend any season of the year in Georgia can enjoy Georgia’s natural environment. The most popular destination for summer holidays usually is Batumi – which has become the center of entertainment on the
Black Sea with its magnificent 7 km of palm tree lined park nestled alongside the stunning Black Sea Coast. 25 kilometers up the coast from Batumi is the charming Black Sea resort of Kobuleti. Kobuleti is renowned for its recuperative and health giving properties.

Ureki is a health resort on the Black Sea, famous for its unique magnetic sand beaches. Magnetic energy has anti – inflammatory and painkilling properties, strengthens the immune system and improves conditions for several diseases.

Anaklia is an up and coming resort on the Black Sea, where the Enguri River flows into the Black Sea. The resort has been earmarked as a new Centre of tourism.

Stepantsminda – formerly Kazbegi is known for its scenic location in the Greater Caucasus Mountains and is a center for trekkers and mountain climbing. Local attractions include the Kazbegi Museum and Ethnographic Museum in town, and the Gergeti Trinity Church outside of town, as well as Mount Kazbegi itself and the alpine meadows and forests of the surrounding
Kazbegi Nature Reserve.
Kakheti – The travel infrastructure in Kakheti is fast developing, since it is the most visited region and Georgia’s principal wine country. Great drinking opportunities await visitors to Kakheti. Some wineries give nice, commercial
tours, which include wine tasting.

Telavi and Signagi – are the most visited and wellknown towns in this region. Beside the cities, you can enjoy and spend your time at high level resorts which are located here.

Lopota Lake – is a small paradise situated in the beautiful Lopota Valley, surrounded by ridges of the Caucasian mountain range.

Invest in Georgia

Top reasons to invest in  Georgia

Fast growing economy. GDP of Georgia has permanently been increasing in late 5 years with around 5% average annual rate.

World’s leading performer. Georgia is consistently ranked as prominent performer by internati onal institutions:
• 16th by World Bank Ease of Doing Business (among 190 countries); 3rd positi on in region – Europe &
Central Asia (among 25 countries); improved by 7 positi on since last year.
• 23rd by Heritage Foundati on Economic Freedom.

Corruption-free destination. According to the Transparency International Global Corrupti on Barometer, Georgia is perceived as a corruption-free destination.

Growth-friendly tax policy. According to the 2015 World Economic Forum report, Georgia has one of the lowest taxes worldwide standing on the 9th positi on with 16.4% total tax rate. In 2017, Government of Georgia implemented new tax policy. In new model of taxation system, retained earnings will be free of tax – meaning profi t tax will be deducti ble only in case of profi t distributi on.

Liberal cross-border trade. We have the agreement of DCFTA with EU, Free Trade Agreement with CIS countries and Turkey, signed agreement with EFTA (European Free Trade Associati on), finalized negotiations for Free Trade Agreement with People’s Republic of China and started with Hong Kong.

Strategic geographic location at the crossroad of Europe and Asia serving as the bridge and shortest route for transportation of goods.

Attractive tourism destination. Huge variety of touristi c acti viti es, including but not limited to beaches,
skiing, hiking and famous spa and wellness resorts. Compound annual growth rate of internati onal travelers
to Georgia in last 5 years is around 18%, from 2.8 million in 2011 to 6.35 million in 2016.

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