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Week of Economy 07/28-08/04
 General presentation of the Georgian Agency on Enterprenership Development “Enerprise Georgia” and Municipality of Tbilisi 08/04
Week of Agriculture 08/05-08/12
  Week of Energy  08/13-08/20
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Mr. Ilia Eloshvili, Minister of Energy of Georgia, EXPO-2017 Comissioner

Georgia enthusiastically accepted the invitation to participate in the exhibition Astana EXPO-2017 which will be held from June 10 to September 10, 2017 in the capital of Kazakhstan. Within the framework of the exhibition Georgia has positioned itself as a rapidly developing country, at the same time deeply rooted in tradition.

75% of the total energy production in Georgia is hydropower. For this reason power turbine was selected as a concept of the National Pavilion. By our participation in the exhibition we wish to acknowledge the contribution that Georgia has introduced to the international energy market through its renewable energy sources. Over the past four years one-third of foreign investments in the Georgian economy fall within the energy sector, at the same time our country has established itself as a reliable partner in energy transit which plays an important role in security not only in Europe but also in the Caucasus region as a whole. We hope that participation in Astana EXPO-2017 will benefit to strengthen business activity, attract investments in the development of Georgia energy and promote the higher level relations between the two countries.

We would like to thank the Kazakh side for being able to tell on the show floor about our national traditions, culture, natural diversity and business opportunities in tourism, agriculture and wine production. For this purpose we prepared an extensive cultural and educational program, handicraft expositions, multimedia exhibits and many other things.

We cordially invite Astana Expo-2017 guests to visit the National Pavilion of Georgia to experience the natural and cultural wealth of our country.