Ministry of Energy Georgia



Georgian Energy Development Fund


“Enterprise Georgia”

LEPL Enterprise Georgia was established in March 2014 under the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia.

 Enterprise Georgia is an intermediary between private and government sector and facilitates private sector development through a variety of financial and technical support mechanisms. Enterprise Georgia has 3 main directions: Business incentives, export promotion/facilitation and foreign investor support.


Panex Ltd

JSC Panex is a joint venture of ICES LLC and JSC Partnership Fund of Georgia. Since 2015 JSC Panex starts operating and is becoming the first company in the Republic of Georgia manufacturing sandwich panels. JSC Panex is manufacturing wall and roof sandwich panels for diverse customers, ranging from builders of single-family homes and architects to contractors, dealers and industrial builders. The manufacturing plant is located on the 17th km of the Rustavi highway, outside of Tbilisi, Georgia.

 Kamara Group Ltd

The core operations of Kamara comprises of natural stone processing and lining. Kamara successfully established itself in the market and since 2003 has become one of the leading companies in Georgia. Main reason of Kamara’s success is its special approach – modern and innovative technologies allow company to produce high-quality, durable product in shortest period of time.
Materials are imported from various countries (Turkey, Greece, Italy, Iran, Brazil), however processing of stones for trade takes place at the factory of Kamara.
In 2012 Kamara introduced the new product “Mosaic” to Georgian market. Stone lining through this technique stands out by its unique forms and content.
Stone is not just a trade product for Kamara. Stone is the material which has its own memory, energy and the history.

Ltd Dar Capital

LTD. ‘’DAR CAPITAL’’ was opened in 2006. Since that time the company has improved its business. Nowadays it is equipped with modern technology and has had the latest material and technical base. The company improves its business in various direction.

There has already been employed 65 local people . Hopefully there wll be 100 more vacancies in the nearest future . The company takes care for its consumers. It tries to improve its business and offers them high quality product and comfortable service .

The product of LTD.’’DAR CAPITAL’’ is sold on local market . Our goal is to produce various kinds of building materials in future, as well as to offer our product to international market.

The company makes successful progress. We think professional staff, high quality product and legal business will do its best in prosperity of our country .

It’s time for changes!

ARTINOVA  was founded in July, 2012 aiming at bringing  modern construction technologies  to the Georgian market. 

STEELART project

ARTINOVA   LLC is manufacturer and innovator of modern methods of construction in light steel, providing high performance solutions to the public, private and commercial sectors. Light Steel Framing is a construction system where galvanized steel is the principal structural material. Light steel construction offers many benefits, including speed of construction, cost effectiveness, safety, thermal and acoustic isolation and a high quality product.

We offer to our customers all stages of construction works including architectural design, manufacturing of all elements of construction systems, installation of building’s skeleton as well as internal and external sheeting of building.

BETONART project

BetonArt, the exclusive dealer of Concrete Coatings Inc. products in Georgia, is specialized in the unique art of Decorative Concrete.

We offer different decorative concrete coating solutions for your home or business – Acid Stain Systems, Spray Overlay Systems and Stamped Concrete.

We resurface, stain and polish floors such as living rooms, retail space, shopping mall 
floors, restaurants, bars, residential driveways, commercial driveways, walkways, 
condominium common areas, commercial and residential pool decks, office buildings, 
garage floors, industrial floors and much more.

We support our clients throughout the entire design process from selecting the perfect 
color and pattern to providing expert installation crews that will do the job efficiently and 



MarbleArt project.

Recently Artinova LLC has launched new project “MarbleArt”.  Cast polymer products are man-made, chemically–bonded, mineral-filled, polymeric materials which are molded and hardened to a solid material in a variety of shapes that meet diverse design needs. The manufacturing process permits a range of uses almost impossible to achieve with quarried stone. Cast polymer is stronger and less brittle than quarried marble; it is more durable than porcelain. Cast polymer products resist mildew and stains and are easily cleaned with non-abrasive cleaning agents. The one- piece, seamless construction of cast polymer is easy to maintain and resistant to breakage.


Cultured Marble, Cultured Granite and Cultured Onyx, as their names imply, have the look of genuine marble, granite or onyx. These three materials utilize almost identical manufacturing equipment and mold.


  • Cultured Marble: Cultured marble is a blend of limestone or marble dust filler and high strength resin.  Its appearance can be controlled to look like natural marble without the impurities, porosity and fractures common in natural marble.  Cultured marble will be our biggest selling product as it can be used to make any and all kitchen and bath products.
  • Cultured Onyx: Onyx is a beautiful semi-transparent stone where you can see veining inside the stone.  Our refined onyx manufacturing process will also produce a semi-transparent product that has a 3-D affect, seeing veining at great depths within the stone.  Onyx is a very decorative product that can back-lit, making some very elegant and extravagant installations for the home, restaurant, bars and coffee shops.  This is a very unique product that we will be the first to introduce to Georgia.
  • Cultured Granite: Granite is a very popular building material everywhere and with our controlled manufacturing process we will manufacture an improved granite product with uniformity and consistency that you won’t see in natural granite.  Granite can also be used on any mold we have

in our inventory so we will have the capability of manufacturing granite bathtubs, shower pans, countertops, sinks, columns, window sills, soap dishes and more.