Within the Energy Week, Georgian pavilion organizes a series of bilateral meetings with the leaders of the country's power industry

2017-08-16 17:47:25

The Energy Week, which takes place from 13 to 20 August 2017 within the EXPO-2017, is the period when the Georgian pavilion provides the interested private and state companies with exhaustive and relevant information about the energy sector of Georgia, special treatments for business development , investment opportunities, as well as promising projects in the field of renewable energy.

This time the Georgian pavilion organizes a series of bilateral business meetings with the Energy Development Fund of Georgia (GEDF) and the leaders of the country’s power industry: Electric  System Commercial Operator, JSC,  Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation,NK, ENERGO-PRO GEORGIA, JSC. To apply for participation in bilateral meetings, please click the link.

Information note on the participants of meetings

Georgia Energy Development Fund

The “Georgia Energy Development Fund”  is a joint-stock company founded by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia. 100% of the Fund’s shares are state-owned and transferred to the Ministry of Energy of Georgia with the rights of management.

Mission of JSC “Georgian Energy Development Fund”  is to promote realization of country’s energy potential, retrieval of appropriate funds, by developing projects and their effective implementation.
The main goals of Fund are search for perspective projects of renewable energy sources and promotion of their development. Based on this, Fund is engaged in following activities:
• carrying out preliminary research works;
• preliminary feasibility assessment of projects;
• preliminary environmental impact assessment;
• finding investors and awakening their interest in existing projects.

Official web-site

JSC ” Electric System Commercial Operator” (ESCO) was founded in 2006. 100% of the shares of COES are the property of the “Partner Fund”, the Ministry of Energy of Georgia manages the company. The objectives of the operational activities are to maintain transparency in the process and procedures for wholesale electricity trade, improve the investment climate in the energy sector. The company’s responsibility is also the signing of medium- and long-term contracts for the import and export of energy resources.

Official web-site

Download ESCO PPT

“ENERGO-PRO GEORGIA”, jSC is the leading operator of hydropower engineering in the South Caucasus region. The mission of the company is to provide efficient and reliable generation and distribution of electricity, which ensures uninterrupted 24-hour power supply. Currently, the company manages and maintains 15 medium and small HPPs with a total capacity of 469.25 MW.
In addition to generating facilities,  “ENERGO-PRO”  JSCGeorgia is the largest private owner of distribution networks. The service area covers more than 47,265 km2 (covering 70% of the territory of Georgia), the total number of customers exceeds one million.

Official web-site

National company “Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation” (GOGC). Established in 2006, 100% of shares are the property of the “Partnership Fund”, the Ministry of Energy of Georgia exercises control. The company owns strategic gas and oil pipelines of Georgia. Is the representative of Georgia in major international agreements on contracts on energy trade and transit consortia. GOGC is an energy company operating in five key segments: gas supply, pipeline rental, electricity generation, oil transportation, exploration and production activities.

Official website

Download GOGC presentation, PPT

«Enterprise Georgia» Agency and the Tbilisi City Hall represented government support programs at the EXPO-2017

2017-08-05 10:55:31

On August 4 the Georgian National Pavilion hosted the presentation of the Entrepreneurship Development Agency “Enterprise Georgia” and the Tbilisi City Hall. Presentation was attended by representatives of participating countries of EXPO-2017, Municipality of Astana, NCE “Atameken” and “KazMunaiGaz” JSC and other representatives of business community.

The Agency provided detailed information on business and investment activities in Georgia, statistics data and figures concerning the current state of the Georgian economy and cases that prove the effectiveness of programs implemented by the Agency.

The delegation of the Tbilisi City Hall was talking about the city’s recreational opportunities and special offers in business tourism, measures to support business activity and prospective investment projects.

In the final part of the event, everyone can taste the famous Georgian wines.

“Enterprise Georgia” was established in March 2014 under the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia. It is the first government institution in Georgia mandated to facilitate private sector (and in particular SME) development through a variety of financial and technical support mechanisms, as well as export support. At the same time, the Agency is an official operator of the governmental programs “Produce in Georgia”, “Invest in Georgia”, “Trade with Georgia” initiated to encourage domestic production and increase productivity and competitiveness of SMEs.

Download presentation of “Enterprise Georgia”

Download Presentation of the Tbilisi City Hall

"Green Energy of Georgia" Buiness&Investment Forum on renewable energy

2017-07-12 14:59:58

JulyJ 14 in the Georgian pavilion the Business&Investment Forum on Renewable Energy “Green Energy of Georgia” will be held within the week of the Georgian energy sector.

                75% of the total electricity production in Georgia – is in hydropower. Over the past four years, one third of foreign investment in the Georgian economy comes from the energy sector, while country has established itself as a reliable partner in the transit of energy resources. The purpose of the forum is  to strengthen business activity and informing about the advantages of investments in renewable energy of Georgia.

                The forum will be attended by representatives of the Ministry of Energy of Georgia, the Georgian Energy Development Fund  – the key organization for the development of national energy, as well as Georgia’s largest electricity supplier, Georgian State Electrical System (GES). Kazakhstan delegation will be represented by the delegation of Astana Innovation JSC and Astana Solar JSC.

               During the event, a series of presentations on the investment potential of the country, as well as reports on the implementation of investment projects in the energy sector of Georgia, are planned.

The visit of the Lord Mayor of the City of London Andrew Parmley to Georgia Pavilion

2017-07-12 13:58:18

On July 12, the National Pavilion of Georgia was visited by the Lord Mayor of the City of London, Dr. Andrew Parmley.

Lord Parmley is currently in Astana on an official visit accompanied by a delegation of bankers, lawyers and consultants to strengthen commercial ties between the UK and the countries of the region, and to promote the his country as one of the best places for investment and joint business. City of London offers to share their experience in the effort to reduce hydrocarbon emissions under the “Green” Initiative.

The United Kingdom is among the top three investors in terms of direct investment in the Georgian economy, only in the first quarter of 2017, their amount was $ 80 million.

Georgian State Electricity System will take part in Astana EXPO-2017

2017-07-07 14:23:57

Representatives of the Georgian State Electricity System (GSE) will take part in Astana EXPO-2017 exhibition  during July 12 – July 15. The purpose of the visit is to present investment opportunities and proposals for developing cooperation with potential partners from Kazakhstan and the countries of Central Asia.

The Georgian State Electricity System (GSE) is the largest transmission company and the only system operator in the country. GSE, as the only dispatch licensee, is responsible for balancing the power supply and demand in real time. The company also regulates cross-border exchanges in electricity and actively cooperates with network operators in neighboring countries.

Astana EXPO-2017 will be attended by GSE representatives: Mr. Sulkhan Zumburidze-Rehabilitation Manager/Chairman of Management Board,  Mr. Zurab Ezugbaia-Member of Management Board, Mr. Mikheil Zibzibadze – Head of Human Resource Management and Organizational Development, also  Public Relations Service- Mrs. Ekaterine Verulashvili, Ms. Lia Tabutsadze.

Week of tourism in the pavilion of Georgia starts with the presentation of its tourist routes and tasting of national wines

2017-06-26 11:54:47

June 27 at 16.00 in the pavilion of Georgia a presentation “Georgia as a tourist destination” will be held. The meeting with representatives of the National Tourism Administration of the country will be of interest to all who would like to know more about Georgia’s tourism opportunities. The presentation includes a brief description of the main tourist products, such as sea, ski, balneological resorts, mineral waters, adventure tourism and UNESCO heritage sites.
Guests of the pavilion will be acquainted with the tourist infrastructure of Georgia and the most popular venues for MICE. In the final part of the meeting, everyone is welcome to taste the famous Georgian wines.

During the period from June 27 to June 30, visitors of EXPO-2017 will be able to see in the pavilion a projected promo show and learn about various types of tourist routes in Georgia, get an idea of ​​the geographical, historical and cultural specifics of the country, its sights and Recreational opportunities.

Bike ride "Route for Peace" runs through the pavilion of Georgia

2017-06-26 11:31:33

On June 22, Nodar Beridze, a Georgian cycling traveler, visited the Georgian pavilion at Astana EXPO-2017. The bike ride, is called “The Route for Peace”, it inspired by the bike races of the 14-time record holder of the Guinness Book, Jumber Lezhava, whose follower is Beridze. Today, on the day of memory of the soldiers who died in the World War Two, his arrival in the pavilion of his native country is a significant event.

Everyone can join this bike ride, who shares the values ​​of peace and healthy lifestyle. The route passes through 30 countries, its length is about 50 000 km. In just 850 days, Nodar Beridze will travel more than 50,000 kilometers on an ordinary tourist bicycle along the Vladivostok-Moscow-Lisbon-Tbilisi route. In a day the cyclist passes about 200 km and the obstacle to the continuation of the path are only weather conditions, low temperatures.

Since early 2016, he traveled from Tbilisi to Almaty, they and then there was a tour of Belarus. The last, the third stage started on the October 17, 2016 from Vladivostok. Nodar has already crossed the Russian Far East, Siberia and the Altai. In Kazakhstan, he has already visited Ust-Kamenogorsk, Pavlodar, Ekibastuz, Karaganda, and received a hearty welcome. The following points of his route in Kazakhstan are Kokchetau and Petropavlovsk, and then he will cover a long way through Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, some European countries. The bicyclist plans to finish his bike ride May 26 in Tbilisi, on the 100th anniversary of Georgia’s independence.

The cyclist noted the hospitality of the people of Kazakhstan and good neighborly relations within the country. During the press conference, the Georgian cyclist noted that he was amazed at the scale of EXPO, and he believes that it is wonderful when the political efforts are aimed at increasing the recognition of his country, attracting tourists. The highest value, the main asset of Kazakhstan, according to Nodar, is this peace and harmony in the country.

Like all Georgians, Nodar is a great patriot, and one of the goals of his trip he calls the popularization of Georgia, the strengthening of peace and harmony between countries.

During the press conference, the Georgian cyclist noted that he was amazed at the scale of the exhibition Astana Expo-2017, and he believes that it is wonderful when the political will of the country’s leadership is aimed at increasing the recognition of his country and attracting tourists. As for the theme of EXPO-2017, according to Nodar, everyone should take a step, go their own way and do the things they believe in.
“Nothing is impossible if we want, we all will live in a world of high-tech, and bring fruits of the industrial revolution in our common live, made our practices more environmentally friendly, develop our countries. Everyone just should do something, do their own thing and gradually the situation will change for the better. ”

He doesn’t not consider that his bike ride is something sensational. Like all Georgians, Nodar is a great patriot, and he gave a press conference against the background of the map of Georgia, his hometown of Batumi. One of the important goals of his trip he calls the popularization of Georgia and the strengthening of peace between countries.

Georgia Day

2017-06-13 12:24:14

National Day of Georgia imbued with picturesque coloring of the country and saturated with its luscious flavors was held on 13th of June within the area of Astana EXPO-2017.



The theme of the National Pavilion of Georgia at “EXPO-2017” sounds like “Where the energy of the future comes from the people”. Interest to Expo in Georgia is  considerable; indeed, Georgia was one of the first countries which stated that it would take part in it. Tentatively, around 10 thousand visitors from Georgia are expected on the exhibition.Official opening ceremony of the National Day of Georgia started with welcome speeches of the heads of State of the two countries, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and the President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili. Energy potential of the country – hydro, wind and solar energy will be presented on the National Pavilion with an area of almost 500 square meters. The internal construction of the Pavilion provides an impressive large-scale video projection representing Georgia.

Crafts Fair was opened in the Pavilion of Georgia on the same day. Applied arts and crafts were presented in various techniques: textiles, jewelry, ceramics, glass, embroidery, enamel, clay.

Among other exhibits – carpets, famous Blue tablecloths weaved by special technology and ancient jewelry made of silver and enamel.


Showcase of wines in “Wessel” ceramic vessels takes a special place.


Traditional national music, dances and Georgian folklore are widely known all over the world. Comprehensive cultural program of Georgia’s Day did not leave any visitor indifferent. On the open area of the National Day the guests were offered a splendid performance of folk songs and dance ensembles “Rustavi” and “Laprebi”.



Impressions were enhanced by the performance of famous singers Nana Bregvadze, Tamara Gverdceteli, Eka Mamaladze and other well-known artists of the country to the accompaniment of Tbilisi State Orchestra.






National Pavilion opening ceremony

2017-06-09 12:20:56

The National Pavilion of Georgia was opened for visitors on June 9, 2017. Exposition was built on the principle of open space: one large area and then niches to wonder around.

The concept of the pavilion is unpacked by Turbine, a multimedia exhibit that symbolizes continuous movement and energy. To emphasize movement there are videos projected on the core and inside of the structure. Video on the external surface of the turbine conveying the impression of a powerful water element, transformed by human efforts into electricity. Inside the machine, visitors find themselves in the future of Georgia – the space of renewable energy sources, which is built by the power of the eternal engine of Georgia – the people who inhabit it.

The pavilion of Georgia is worth a visit to those who have already visited this sunny country both those who only dream to be there.















It is possible to say with full confidence that the Georgian pavilion will be one of the most interesting, interactive and spectacular.

There are exhibits within the walls of the pavilion dedicated to the country’s agriculture, nature, culture, crafts, tourist attractions and the centuries-old tradition of winemaking. On the Opening Ceremony, the pavilion will be visited by the official delegation of Georgia represented by the Georgian Vice-Minister, Energy Minister Kakha Kaladze and the commissioner of the Georgian sector Astana EXPO-2017, Ilia Eloshvili.

Press Review

National Day of Georgia celebrated at EXPO-2017 in Astana

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Georgia is an example of the successful transition to a “green economy” for many countries. There are 26 thousand rivers in the country, 300 of which have the potential for energy production.

At present, there are 68 operating hydroelectric power stations in Georgia. They account for about 80% of the country’s electricity production. That is why the main object of the Georgian pavilion was an energy turbine.

At the entrance to the pavilion, a stand tells about the unique Georgian alphabet. With the help of 5D-glasses you can make a virtual tour to modern Georgia, learn how your name is written in Georgian, how Georgian houses of the last century and modernity are equipped, learn all about winemaking, admire the handmade works of Georgian masters. One of the stands shows a map of Georgia, where it is shown what one or another city is famous for.
The artists pampered the visitors with bright dances, unique polyphonic singing and, of course, the world-famous Lezginka. Honoured guests of the National Day were People’s Artist of Georgia Eka Mamaladze, People’s Artist of the USSR, People’s Artist of Georgia Tamara Gverdtsiteli and People’s Artist of the USSR, People’s Artist of Georgia Nani Bregvadze who performed at the Amphitheater.

“Today I had a very important day, which began with political talks with the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and continued with a visit to EXPO-2017. It is very gratifying that Georgia is represented at such an important exhibition by such a large and interesting pavilion,” the Georgian President said after visiting the pavilion.

(website of the Prime Minister of RK)

Georgia Day at EXPO-2017, Astana

  Astana TV-channel


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